In Attendance:

Mike Briggs, Treasure

Wendall Hildebrandt, Vice President

Roman Eble, President

The following items were discussed and voted on to approve for action:

  1. Meeting began at 5:15 PM
  2. FOTH Resignation submitted by Ken Watts Chairman / Sargent at Arms Nov 22, 2019 due on going health issues.
    • Roman Eble accepted and passed on to Ken that he really enjoyed working with him and all the great support provided. Focus on his health and would notify the FOTH board during this meeting.
    • Roman also informed Ken if his health improves then the door is always open to return.
  3. Nominations to fill by Ken Watts vacancies until December 2020.
    • Mike Briggs, nominate Wendall Hildebrandt as acting Chairman
    • Roman Eble, nominate Johnny Wetzel as acting Sargent at Arms
    • The Board approved nominations
    • New officers and Chairmen will be elected November 2020 FOTH Director Elections for 2021-2023 Term.
  4. Discussed the upcoming FOTH Holiday Charity Events
    • Meals for local Law Enforcement (Police, Sheriff, State) and Winnsboro Fire Depart
    • Winnsboro Fire Department Toys for Totos
  5. Wendall Hildebrandt made a motion to provide free meal for our local Law Enforcement and Winnsboro Fire Depart starting Thanksgiving weekend through Christmas
    • The board approved for a $300 maximum donation
    • The following Restaurants will participate
      • Richie’s ($150)
      • Tino’s V’s ($150)
  1. Rules for donations to FOTH.
    • Mike Briggs meet with our CPA to clarify IRS donation rules
    • All donations can be expected from the HAWKS Gun club of East Texas and other organization for FOTH charity programs
  2. New Fund Raiser funding approach
    • Mike Briggs will brief at the first HAWKS 2020 monthly membership meeting
    • Mike will request feedback from membership during meeting on supporting the new FOTH fund raising approach
  3. Coffee Cups
    • Roman will provide the art to Richie’s Restaurant manager
    • Manager will price the 75 cup order and follow up with board
  4. Meeting ended at 5:45 PM